Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh Oh ready To Go

Hee hee that is my little cheer.. I know I know I am super cool right ?!
But seriously I feel like I have been cutting for an eternity and the last of the fabric that is in is all cut. Now we have all the Chocolate Lollipop in and it is sooo lovely. I started a lovely baby quilt with mine ;)
What will you make?
And we are only missing 1 bolt of the long long awaited Amy Butler. I really can never get enough of her. I bought some retail recently in a lovely yellow mustardy color and now I have to have more of that... soo... if they are still offering it up I think another Amy B. coop will be in the works.
Have you checked the shipping database on group lately?? There is a ton of flat rate boxes to go out. It is flat rate mountain in my dining room right now. Plus a gazillion envelopes.. I better go order some more from the because I am sooo low..dangerously low. Better get stocked up for Alexander Henry and all the rest of the yummy FreeSpirit on the way ;)
OK dokee ladies.. have a happy Saturday night of sewing.
I think I will go pluck my eyebrows and enjoy some yummy homemade brownies 'a cookin in the oven mmm mmm scrum delicious!..and maybe even catch a t.v show of my choosing! wink wink. You should too!
Love, Missy

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yay for freshly cut fabric

I absolutely fell head over heals in love with the Japanese Import prints as I was cutting them and although it felt like half a century since the day that I ordered them.. I am officially an addict and I want more!! For the difference in pricing compared to retail on these gorgeous fabrics it is worth every minute to wait for them and Ohhhh once they come in!! If you have some waiting check the shipping database on the board .. it is all cut and ready for your crafting. It's so lovely you are not going to want to cut into it. We are still sadly waiting on piggies which are backordered..imagine that. But the rest will have you literally begging for more I bet ;)!!
Love, Missy

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yummy new Chocolate Lollipop

Look what I have!! ...and freshly cut just for you!!! 4 new yummy prints and they feel so great! I cannot wait to see what you create.. so when you get it send me links to all your lovelies!
Love, Missy


Yet another journey in the world of fabric cooping.. I have decided to begin this blog.. An online diary of my journeys in fabric cooping! A place to showcase what is in and being cut as well as a place to chat about new lines coming up.. new coop ideas... fun things to make! And a chance to highlight some of the super talented Indie businesses that this little growing group helps to support! Yay! I am super excited about the possibilities!!